Directing duo svenandcalle was formed in the late nineties by us, Sven Gelin and Calle Larsson.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden we´ve had the good fortune to collaborate with some of the great creatives and film people in the industry.


Most of our work has been comedy oriented. A majority of it follow a quirky story of some kind, but always with a strong focus on natural, and low-key acting performance.


Hence, we often cast strong characters (above) who could handle both subtle and really wacky situations without overacting.

On this site we have gathered some of our own favourites. Spots from a time when it was considered more risky to play it safe than to really go for it. Often with surprisingly successful results.


Sadly these kind of projects seems hard to find nowadays. And if they exist, they rarely survives the perilous journey through test panels, cost controllers and self appointed film critics of todays commercial world.


But one should never despair too soon. So, if you got any off-beat ideas, please feel free to send them over and we´ll give it a shoot.


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